77 Lancers Marching Band ready to rebrand


MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — The 77 Lancers Marching Band is known around Mankato for their parades during the summer months, but now they’re changing things up.

“It’s not just a school, I just [Mankato] West, and he comes from [Mankato] East. It’s kind of like meeting new people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise,” said Arian Anderson, drum major for the 77 Lancers.

“The Lancers will represent Mankato statewide in Minnesota,” 77 Lancers manager Brady Krusemark said. “We will play two East football games and two West football games this fall at halftime. Then we perform in three competitive shows throughout the fall.

This change came about because they are officially a district program after previously being a community education program.

“It will definitely be different, like different schedules and obviously I’ll miss the parades that I got to walk in, but I think it’s going to be really awesome,” Anderson added.

Even though this transition period will be completely different from what the Lancers are used to, they will always have the connection and the passion to share music with others.

“Working with them that hard on the field and then expressing it to all your family and friends, just everyone watching,” said 77 Lancers Colin Besel.

It’s a particularly new experience for Nicholas Liebl, director of the Mankato East Band.

“Seeing how important it is to them was super memorable, I think,” Liebl said. “Being like, ‘OK, now I can be a part of this.'”

These are the same Lancers the community grew up with, but with a little more flair this time around.

“While the performance venue has changed for the Lancers, much of what makes this group special remains,” Liebl added. “The traditions, the life lessons that we are able to teach and learn from this activity, the camaraderie.”

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