A band ready to rock the old Coolgardie station


Perth punk rock band Injured Ninja are inviting locals to bring the old Coolgardie railway station to life on May 14 and take part in a performance of their show The Epic of Gilgamesh.

Injured Ninja member Steven Alyian said Mad Max Meets Mesopotamian Rock Opera was last performed at the 2020 Perth Festival, and has now been brought to Coolgardie for a special live event.

He said he discovered the train graveyard turned recording studio thanks to Karnivool guitarist Drew Goddard and recorded a few songs there in 2021.

Alyian said the percussion performance “broke the fourth wall” and is tied to Australia’s colonial identity, with the former gold rush-era train station and desert “perfectly” aligned with the themes.

“Unfolding this ancient literary tale with a live drum orchestra, Gilgamesh is an intensely captivating performance that breaks the fourth wall between audience and performer,” Alyian said.

He said the nine-member team was formed in 2010 and performed in Japan to record the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The musician said he was asked to perform it again in 2021, and returned to the old text and decided to create a theatrical performance.

“So we’re going to be going out with a whole film crew, a lighting crew, a great mass of musicians, but also putting out a public call for any musicians in the Goldfields areas who want to come and play in the band. , bring a drum and we will teach them the songs and then we will perform this Saturday night,” Mr Alyian said.

He told the Kalgoorlie Miner that the show will be visually recorded for an album to be released later this year.


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