A Death Blooms fan turned down an Airbnb stay because of the band’s music


Not everyone is a fan of the nu metal revival, it seems. This week, a metal fan by the name of Kayleigh found herself looking for accommodation when an Airbnb host based in Bristol, UK, refused a request to let her stay at their property after learning that she would be in town to watch nu metal revivalists Death Blooms.

Expressing that they were “uncomfortable with the nature of this music”, the host outright refused to let Kayleigh rent their property ahead of the band’s September 21 concert.

When pressed by Kayleigh to give a reason for the rejection, they said that while they “have no problem with anyone’s musical tastes”, they “find [Death Blooms’] music and lyrics that are aggressive, riddled with profanity and disturbing”.

The company has since informed Kayleigh that it will “take a closer look [the situation]“, while Airbnb told Louder, “We encourage hosts on Airbnb to make everyone in our community feel welcome and have been in touch with the guest and host about this.

“To use Airbnb, all hosts and guests must agree to our strict Non-Discrimination Policy, Community Commitment, and Community Standards, and we investigate and take action when we become aware of behavior that may violate our policies.

“While hosts on Airbnb may decline a reservation request based on factors that are not prohibited by law, including where a guest has not completed identity verification and has no previous reviews, we encourage hosts to go out of their way to make guests feel welcome.”

Airbnb lists a detailed non-discrimination policy on its website, which states that when a person’s characteristics are not protected by law, for example, race, gender identity or sexuality, hosts are free to reject the reservation based on “personal preferences” – for example, “Airbnb hosts can reject a reservation with pets or travelers who smoke”. However, it remains to be seen whether a person’s musical tastes will be considered reasonable grounds for refusal.

Death Blooms themselves took advantage of the furor by releasing T-shirts with the adjectives proudly printed on the back. Additionally, they announced that if they sold their initial stock, they would pay for Kayleigh’s hosting themselves.

Ahead of their UK tour, Death Blooms also released a new single titled A version. Surprisingly, the single contains at least three swear words and a somewhat hostile riff. An ode to the mosh pit, the song is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album life is pain, slated for release on October 22 via Adventure Cat Records.

Vocalist Paul Barrow had this to say about the track: “Step into the pit. Just step inside. At every opportunity. It is our house. As the past two years have shown, it literally feels like all we have at times. This bond, this liberation. Whatever that feeling, it should be felt as much as possible. This is our tribute to the moshpit.

Death Blooms UK tour with Blood Youth starts today in Hull. The band are also set to tour the UK with Trash Boat in October.

Watch the video for A version below. Pre-order life is pain now.


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