An interview with a New Jersey-based pop punk band SET IN MOTION!


The New Jersey-based pop punk band To set in motionit is just released his EP, “Something Exciting” (5/7). The first single from this collection is “Only a Sith deals with absolutes.”

Made up of rich hunter (Vocals/Guitar), Jesse Hickman (Vocal/Guitar), and Jake Vanko (Drums), Set Into Motion has a bold “plug-in, play, and go have fun” approach. With this brand new EP, Set Into Motion aims to be the most fun and energetic band, both in songs and in concerts, while proving that it is extremely important to have a strong connection with your fans.

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Thank you for your time! So first of all, how did you create this band? What made you think you could work together? Was it difficult to find a group name that you all agreed on?

Hey thanks for having us! Well, this group started in late 2017 by Jesse and Hunter, but it was a bit different in lineup. After a few line-up changes over the years, we finally found our new drummer, Jake, in the fall of 2019. I think what makes us all work really well together is that we all have a very great chemistry together on stage and backstage, which I think is something a lot of bands overlook. Our name was actually super easy to find. Honestly, that was probably the first thing we found. It’s just a line of all time low song “Time bomb”.

How are you all feeling at this point in the pandemic and recent openings?

At this point, we’re all very tired, we’re trying to stay financially stable AS WELL as not fail college, and we’re not trying to catch a deadly virus either. But, with things seeming to be opening up, we’re just excited to finally be able to play shows soon and sweat with the people in the basements.

Let’s talk about your new song, “Only a Sith deals with absolutes.” What was the inspiration for this song? How is this song different or similar to anything you’ve released before?

Well, this song is very different stylistically from what we’ve done before. We took inspiration from other bands like Bearings and Remo Drive, writing these cool chord progressions and funky drum patterns that we hadn’t really tried before. The song is also much more lyrically explicit than other songs we’ve written, which was a bit risky for us because we were always scared before taking a bit of a risk with our lyrics.

How do you think the song prepares listeners for your EP, “Something Exciting”? What was it like putting this collection together over the past crazy year? Were there any unexpected surprises/challenges?

This single, along with the other singles “My Back Hurts” and “A Call Away”, perfectly encapsulates what the EP is all about, namely the tensions of a relationship failure/failure and how it affects you, it’s all set with a backdrop of fun and energetic instrumentals. Honestly, it was a lot of fun working on it during lockdown because it gave us all an outlet and something to do. It was also fun because we kept the recording process a secret from our fans, so when we popped an announcement out of nowhere, it was really fun to see the reactions. Honestly, one surprising thing is that we’ve all felt the most creative we’ve ever felt during the pandemic, which is weird because we’ve been locked in our homes for months.

How excited are you to get back on stage to perform live? Have you already planned future dates?

There’s nothing we want more than to be able to play all those new songs to people live. Nothing could make us happier. And we definitely have dates planned in the future, so you better watch us all!

What do you think makes an ideal gig for this band? What have been some of your favorite shows and places?

I don’t mean to sound pretentious or boastful, but I honestly think we put on a great live performance and are just super entertaining to watch. We always have a lot of jokes with our own band members as well as with the crowd. We’re also not afraid to mess up in front of a group of people. Our favorite place to play as a band has always been the Voltage Fair in Philadelphia because every time we play there, it’s our best gig yet. I don’t know what it is, but every time we play there it’s absolutely amazing. So I guess that answers our favorite shows question as well.

How do you think your hometown influenced the sound and how do you all relate to this band? If not, why do you think that is?

Our hometown hasn’t influenced our sound at all. We have almost no pop-punk bands in our music scene where we live. But we also all kinda like where we live, so unfortunately we can’t write all those “I hate this town” songs like other pop-punk bands can.

How would you say this band has grown as musicians over the years? How did your sound mature and develop? What has remained the same?

Well, for starters, me (Hunter) and Jesse learned to sing over the last two years so we could sing in the band when we lost our lead singer, so that’s one thing. But our songwriting definitely tightened up as we kept writing and releasing songs. Even after our previous EP “Hey, I’m bored” we learned so much that we applied to “Something Exciting”, and it was only a few months apart. One thing that has stayed the same is our personalities, our energy and our love for putting on a show. It’s not so much about writing the most perfect songs as it’s about being entertaining and putting on great performances. That’s what this band has always been and always will be.

Where do you think you are happiest – in the studio recording new music, on stage or elsewhere? With all the negativity out there today, what else in life makes you truly happy?

There is absolutely no better feeling than being on stage. The adrenaline rush when people sing your lyrics is unlike any other. Seeing people mosh over your music is unlike anything you’ll ever feel. This is where we are all happiest. And you’re right, the world is a super negative place right now, but just having good friends and good relationships with people will always make it feel like you’re okay.

With all the different social media platforms, how do you balance it all? How do you think social media has impacted this group? How often are you all on your various sites interacting with fans? How have you been able to use them over the years? Which of you cares the most?

I won’t be afraid to admit that we are a social media group. I don’t think enough people realize how important social media can be to a band. A strong social media presence can absolutely blow up a group. Without social media, we wouldn’t have as many fans as we have today. That connection we share with the people who love us wouldn’t be there. We always try to interact with fans in some way, whether it’s on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter or even in person at a show. We take full advantage of social media, whether it’s doing silly sketches or doing livestreams, etc. It’s super super important to always be active and in front of your fans. Hunter runs pretty much all social media because he thinks it’s great fun, which it is.

What musicians have really inspired you all since you started making music? Who would you all like to work with in the future?

The other musicians who have inspired us are all the other local and small bands who work as hard as us and maybe even more. We little artists are a community, and we all need to push each other to help us grow. In the future, we would like to have the chance to tour with all the time low Where To the neck who are also among our biggest influences when we started music.

What do you think is the message of your music? What do you hope people continue to take away from your songs?

We don’t want to tell anyone what to take away from our music. It’s up to the listener to decide what they get out of our music. We want everyone to make their own interpretations and feel what they want to feel. But we still hope that people at least have fun with our music. That’s all we can ask for.


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