Are the Rolling Stones selling their catalog? Keith Richards reveals his plan with the band’s music


The Rolling Stones catalog is one of the most expensive in the music industry and the English rock band can make millions of dollars from it.

Throughout the decades-old Rolling Stones career, the English rock band have already sold more than 240 million records worldwide. They managed to hit the mark having released 121 singles, 48 ​​video albums, 30 studio albums and 29 compilation albums to date.

With this, the band members can surely earn a lot once they sell the band’s catalog, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In a new interview with Anthony Mason on CBS Sunday morning, Keith Richards has revealed that he and Mick Jagger have not spoken seriously about selling their catalogs. However, he confirmed that selling their catalog is not among their priorities at the moment.

“Mick and I haven’t talked about it seriously. I don’t know if we’re ready to sell our catalog. We could drag it out a bit – put more stuff in it!” he says, quoted by strong wire. “You only think of selling your catalog when… it’s a sign of getting old!”

Richards was also asked how long he could go on, to which he replied that he would find no answer. He added that he would find out the hard way when it happened.

Why Keith Richards Won’t Sell The Rolling Stones Catalog — For Now

During the same interview, he alluded to the fact that he recently started working with Jagger and drummer Steve Jordan again last week.

According to Richards, they envisioned some new pieces that they would soon be giving away to their fans.

“It’ll be interesting to find out the dynamic now that Steve is in the band. It’s kind of morphing into something else. I was working with Mick last week, and Steve, and we came up with eight or nine new pieces of hardware. Which is overwhelming by our standards,” he said, via Ultimate classic rock.

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If pushed, it would come nearly seven years since Rolling Stone released their last album, “Blue & Lonesome.”

Richards’ comments resonated with what Jagger previously said in 2020, saying a new album was in the works. He revealed they recorded “a bunch of stuff” while working on their single, “Living in a Ghost Town.”

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