Destin High School Hires New Band, Music Director


DESTIN – Destin High School (DHS) is making great strides in hiring teachers and staff, as well as renovating the former Grace Lutheran Church into a new free public charter school that will open in the 9th , 10th and 11th graders this summer on August 10th.

The DHS Board of Directors and Principal Christine Cruickshank recently announced the hiring of Courtney Murie Noe as Director of Music Program and Band.

Noe is a familiar and respected face as a longtime resident of Destin and as a former principal of the Destin Middle School group, including being Teacher of the Year in 2016. She has taught at several public schools and at chartered by Okaloosa County and has received much recognition for its local and nationwide soloists and ensembles.

Its students have received countless top marks, college scholarships, first-place awards, all-state status, all-county status, and have performed in venues across southeastern states. is.

With a 4.0 GPA, she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music education from Florida State University and is well-prepared to bring excellence to DHS’s new music program. At FSU, Noe was a four-year member of the band Marching Chiefs, playing clarinet.

“Music is a luxury we all enjoy,” Noe said. “But what is less known is that music is a curriculum that opens doors to all other disciplines, as music enhances the understanding and application of fundamental aspects of education such as science , language, mathematics, responsibility, culture and creativity.

“It provides students with scholarships for any avenue they choose at college as well as other life-changing opportunities,” she added. “It’s a complement to whatever you choose to do throughout your life. Because of my years at Destin Middle School, it’s also great to know that many of my former students there will be new students here at DHS.”

DHS, a free public charter school, will open its doors to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders on August 10.

Having trained thousands of students with their instruments over his career, Noe looks forward to developing a prolific concert orchestra and wants to compete with the school’s unique opportunity to focus on stage orchestra competition.

In the first year of DHS, they will have an experienced group and a beginner group. In the coming years they will have auditions for beginner, intermediate and advanced level bands. She will also teach choir at DHS.

Noe looks forward to welcoming all experienced and inexperienced musicians to participate in the many activities and lifelong memories that unfold in Destin High School’s music program.

“We have no doubt that Courtney Noe will be a leading force in the success of DHS with her experience, skills and innovative abilities to develop and build a remarkable and major music program with us,” Cruickshank said.

In addition to offering an advanced, state-mandated core curriculum, DHS will utilize a place-based approach to learning that leverages local geography, industry, and community. This will enable the school to provide additional program opportunities through authentic, meaningful and engaging personalized learning for its students.

Christine Murie Noe is proud of the mako shark record displayed in front of the DHS.

With enrollment approaching a capacity of 300, visit to apply. For more information about registering, donating, or volunteering, please call 850-424-1664, email, or visit


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