GOJIRA Tribute Band Set for Two Huge Shows


“Thanks for having a thread on what we’ve been trying to put together for almost 12 months now!”

Gojira are one of the most recognizable names in metal.

Their delicate, precise and downright nearly impossible music and riffing is a marvel to behold and one that Australian audiences are unlikely to have the pleasure of witnessing first hand for at least another 12 months.

But what if we told you that an Australian Gojira tribute band was formed under the guise of From Mars to Sirius? Or that this band features some of the best representatives of metal that the music-rich city of Brisbane has to offer?

After initially planning a limited number of shows last year, only to be continually thwarted by the dreaded C-word, From Mars To Sirius were finally able to put their efforts on stage over the next two weeks, starting with a performance at woolly mammoth on November 26, and continues with a Gold Coast show at Mo Desert Clubhouse December 3.

With more than 12 months of practice to their credit, the guitarist Chris Butler (Massive) joined HEAVY to discuss the show and what to expect.

“We’re super pumped,” he beamed. “I think anyone who’s tried to do anything with bands anywhere in the last two years…it’s been turbulent. There have been ups and downs. How many times have people thought about giving it up and throwing it away thinking it was too hard? Getting ready for gigs and making sure you’re on your A game with your brothers, only to have things get called off and then have to regroup months later to do the same. We had three swings on it, so we prepared and ready to fight only to call it off twice. We had a fantastic rehearsal last night with all the guys with the pass, and we’re a couple. Feeling good, very good energy. Everyone is just relieved that we can finally attempt this monstrous challenge.

In the full interview, Chris talks more about the show and what to expect. The main cast of the band, the frustrations of not being able to get on stage, the two gigs and who else is playing, PLUS we also get some sneaky information about Massic…


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