Homewood High School Band set to conduct 133rd Tournament of Roses Parade

Homewood High School Patriots Band practicing. Photo via Homewood High School Group Facebook page

PROGRAMMING ALERT! Set your alarm clock and turn on the Tournament of Roses Parade® January 1 at 10 a.m. sharp, so you don’t miss the Homewood High School Patriots Band.

It’s true. After a year-long hiatus caused by the global pandemic, the 133rd Rose Parade — The Granddaddy of Them All® returns and the Patriots lead the way.

“We’ve never run the show before,” Homewood group manager Chris Cooper told Bham Now in Pasadena. “It’s kind of become a big deal here for us when you watch the lineup, and you’re like, oh, we’re number one.”

House wood strip
Photo from the Homewood High School PTO Facebook page

How to watch

Here’s what to expect. At 10:00 am Central Time, an opening ceremony takes place with popular country music star LeAnn Rimes performing her song “Throw My Arms Around the World”.

The Homewood Group will then begin leading the parade at 10:04 am. ABC, NBC, Hallmark Channel and Univision are broadcasting the parade live.

After the Patriots’ 5.5 mile course, 19 marching bands, 18 riders and 43 floats will be followed. LeVar Burton of Roots and Star Trek is the Grand Marshal, and this year’s theme is Dream! To believe! To achieve!

Nearly one million people will line up on the parade route and more than 40 million will watch on TV and social media.

Homewood Numbers

House wood strip
Photo via Homewood High School Group Facebook page

According to Cooper, this is the fifth time Homewood High School has participated in the Rose Parade. Saturday, 361 students will parade. A total of around 399 people logged into the Homewood school system are in California this week. Cooper noted that teachers, administrators and Superintendent Justin Hefner made the trip.

“It is such a gift to be able to serve a high school and school system that values ​​the arts as we do in our community,” said Superintendent Hefner.

Drum majors Kate Boone and Hannah Bryant have agreed and are looking forward to January 1.

“It’s an experience that is going to be unmatched,” exclaimed Boone, who also plays the French horn. “I was so excited before we even knew we would be the first to be on the parade. With so many of our teachers here and so many in our community, it’s like we’re bringing a whole little army from Homewood up to in Pasadena.

Bryant, who plays the flute, added, “It’s such a big event. Seeing all the preparation of the organization that hosts the Rose Parade, it makes me really proud of what we are doing here and being a part of it.

More than a parade

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Photo by Shawn Wright

There are other events planned for this week other than the parade. On Thursday, Homewood will participate in BandFest, a special event for the local community, which includes all participating groups performing their shows part-time.

In addition to the performance, Homewood visits Villa Esperanza in Pasadena, a special needs organization similar to Homewood’s Outstanding Foundation.

“We have a special needs percussion ensemble at Homewood High School and Middle School,” Cooper said. “I want to take it to Pasadena and show them what we’re doing. We’ve brought our drums so we’re going to have a little cheering rally in their parking lot. “

Homewood students also brought a range of art supplies and sports equipment from across the country to donate to the group.

The dream becomes reality

House wood strip
Homewood High School at the I Love Homewood Parade. Photo by Shawn Wright

This year’s Rose Parade is all the more special as it returns after the cancellation of the 2021 parade. It has been 730 days since the last parade. On January 1, 2022, the Homewood High School Band will bring everyone back.

Superintendent Hefner best summed it up:

“Getting our students to participate in a place like the Rose Parade is a dream come true. He is truly everyone’s grandfather.

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