Liam Gallagher’s Son Lennon Set to Release Music With Acoustic Band E! News UK


Liam Gallagher’s son Lennon is expected to follow in his footsteps leading a rock band.

The 21-year-old model, who Liam shares with ex-wife Patsy Kensit, is set to release music with acoustic band Automotion after being inspired by his father’s exploits with Oasis.

A friend told The Sun newspaper: “Lennon has that rock god stage presence and learned the art of performance from his father.

“Liam is super proud and listened to his songs – he’s always there to give advice.”

Lennon – named after Beatles legend John Lennon – has forged a successful career on the catwalk and admits he loves being in the limelight after growing up with famous parents in the form of Liam and Patsy.

He previously said: “I grew up with my mum as an actress. My dad is also a musician.

“I just like being in front of the camera – as cheesy as that sounds.”

Liam previously recalled how John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono told him it was “stupid” to name his son after the Beatles rocker.

The “Shockwave” singer met Yoko in 1999, the same year his eldest son Lennon was born, and claimed the entertainer – who was married to John until he was shot in 1980 – believed that the memorable nickname was ridiculous.

The 48-year-old star said: “Yoko said, ‘I heard you called your son Lennon’.

“I said, ‘Yeah,’ she said, ‘Why? Don’t you think that’s a bit of a stupid name?’

“And I said, ‘No, it’s kind of silly to be called Yoko, isn’t it? So it’s Lennon. “


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