Local musicians come together to bring back the music of the “Garage Band”


OTTAWA — If you were near downtown Ottawa on Thursday night, you might have thought you were back about 60 years. Well-known songs from the 1960s filled the air as a six-member band played at a “Jammin’ In July” concert at Rex Center Park.

The 60’s Survivors Band performed at their second official concert on Thursday. Their first concert was at Pandora in June.

Paul Nusbaum, Pandora, said the six band members had played in what were called “garage bands” in the 1960s. that I should buy a drum set since I had played drums,” Nusbaum said. Haenisch had collected amplifiers and sound systems over the years. He plays rhythm guitar and also provides vocals.

Nusbaum knew a resident of Pandora, Megan Gibson, who had a set and told her if she ever decided to sell her drums to call her. Then last year, when Gibson moved to New York, she called Nusbaum, and he bought the set.

Nusbaum told his friend, Lenny Core, also a resident of Pandora, about his purchase. Nusbaum, Core and Don Etter had played together in a garage band in the 1960s.

Core, Nusbaum, and Haenisch began rehearsing music together in Nusbaum’s garage. Core played lead guitar. Then Nusbaum met a friend, Paul Baransy, and told him about the band. Baransy, who plays bass guitar, said it sounded fun and came to practice with the band.

Nusbaum called fellow Pandora resident Paul Quint and invited him to join the band and play keyboards.

“We ended up renting the front of the old George’s Electric building,” Nusbaum said.

Nusbaum invited Etter to join them as well. Etter now provides rhythm guitar and vocals for the band.

“We found learning songs we played 50 years ago difficult, but we’re having a great time,” Nusbaum said. “We all have our favorite songs from that era and are suggesting them for the band.”

On Thursday night, the band took baby boomers back in time. They play songs such as “Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley, “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison and “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head” by BJ Thomas and “Sweet Caroline” by Neal Diamond.

Nusbaum said those attending the Pandora concert donated food to county food banks. “The amount donated was incredible,” he said. Nusbaum said the amount they received in the tip jar at the concert in Ottawa was also incredible.

The group is available for private parties by calling Baransy at 419=615-8544 or Haenisch at 419-516-3007.

Last Thursday’s concert was the first of four “Jammin’ in July” shows planned by the Ottawa Cultural Committee. The concerts on July 9, 23 and 30 will begin at 7 p.m. Aaron Hertzfeld, singer-songwriter, will perform on July 9.

July 18 will be “Food Truck” Thursday with the OG Jaycees providing movie night at Rex Center Park.


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