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Top right – Messianic era, Arcade, The Atavists, Music Knights: photo collected


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Top right – Messianic era, Arcade, The Atavists, Music Knights: photo collected

Unlike days gone by, creating and streaming music is easier than ever. However, with ease comes oversaturation, to the point that it is difficult for talented new artists to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. We talk to up-and-coming groups of next-generation artists about how they produce and release music.

“YouTube and Spotify are the biggest and most user-friendly platforms available to any artist who wants to promote their music,” said Navid Ehsan, lead singer and guitarist of metal band Messianic Era. They recently released a full physical album. “It was the culmination of our 11-year journey,” said the singer, who clarified that the album was not for profit.

Even if bands like Messianic Era do well in terms of streaming services, already established musicians with the privilege of good relationships, sponsors and media coverage will always have the edge, according to Navid. “There are amazing bands that are arguably more talented, but can’t get the same spotlight due to the absence of those factors.”

Finding a sponsor or a stable financial source is indeed a problem for these groups, as people often find it quite risky or a waste of money to invest for them.

Additionally, new artists are denied a decent payment even if they find potential sponsors. “Most of the time we have to manage the finances and invest in ourselves,” said Ariyan Hasan, the guitarist and backing vocalist of experimental rock band Music Knights. During their 8-year career, they successfully released 5 songs, popular among young people. They were able to establish themselves in their hometown of Mymensingh, but are still struggling to establish themselves at the national level, due to lack of media coverage.

The Atavists, who have 3 singles, spent 9 years together as a group. “Bands like us can really establish themselves properly when people stop hosting free gigs,” says lead singer Shanil Arnob. “Also, in our country, we undercharge our tickets, whereas you’d have to shell out between $5 and $20 in a developed music industry,” he explains.

“Companies should focus on artist relationships, merchandise sales, and promotions rather than monetized ads, which are unnecessary,” Shanil concludes.

Arcade, on the other hand, is a relatively new group, created in 2019. Even though they have released 2 songs, they haven’t been able to hold any concerts yet due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the pandemic has greatly hampered the activities of these struggling groups.

“We were arrested before we even started”, explains Adib Raiyan Haque, the singer of the group. “We are now trying to restart, holding auditions for new members. We are hopeful for the future.

Granted, the band music industry is in a different place than it used to be, it’s still a unique industry that deserves more of a spotlight on emerging talent. If we constantly focus on established artists without giving them a chance, there will be no pipeline to look forward to in the future.


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