Malia Obama Stars in Harvard Rock Band Music Video: Watch –


Malia Obama appears in a music video for her friends at Harvard University who are members of a rock band called New Dakotas.

The former USA First Girl is featured in the video for the group’s song “Walking on Air,” where she dances and plays the harmonica. The premise of the music video centers around the band trying to find a new member for their group, and various people audition for the new spot.

Malia appears around 1:40 in lip sync with the band’s lyrics “I feel like I’m walking on air, and I’m right here”, hoping to make the cut. A few seconds later, we can see her in a hat and sweatshirt playing the harmonica.

The group, which is made up of four members, are seniors who will graduate in 2019. Obama is a sophomore at Ivy League school and will graduate in 2021. According to the group websitetheir genre can be called “indie-folk-pop”.

“More than any particular style, we try to make music that makes us happy and excites us every time we play it,” they wrote. “We hope you’ll sing, stomp and feel feelings when you hear our songs.”

Having a celebrity cameo in their video should definitely draw attention to their catchy tunes.

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