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Independent (label)

December 21, 2021 (published)

January 17, 2022

What a great album, and completely unexpected too.

Full to the brim with Noo Yawk Attitood and crossed with Americana and top Blues/rock/punk, the result is one of the freshest albums I’ve heard in a long time.

The band releases amazing rock, but the songs are definitely not the typical rock band stuff.
For some reason his voice reminds me of Handsome Dick Manitoba (The Dictators) who have a very aggressive punch in their singing and musically they are closer to late 70s punk bands and British bands such as Tenpole Tudor and Big Country than Americana Although, this album’s opening number ‘All The Understanding’ has a softer tone than the majority of the tracks here.

The band consists of Marlon Hoffman – Guitar, Vocals, Jody Daley – Bass, Vocals, Nick Massie – Guitar, 6 strings, Vocals, Gary Ponder – Percussion, Kris Cadle – 12 strings Guitar, Mark Grueninger – Drums, John O’Kennedy – Guitar, Sitar guitar, Slide and together they make a powerful sound.
Grueninger’s massive drumming, especially at the heart of the music, Nick Massie’s screaming guitar and Hoffman’s anthemic vocals make the band’s sound quite invigorating.

Hoffman himself has been around since the 60s, starting his career as a drummer before moving on to guitar, then working with artists like Kinky Friedman and later – like Marlon Monroe – with the Clones and the St. Louis Mopes . The whole experience is crisp and clear and the album is incredibly listenable although it doesn’t function as a backing track, it requires your attention.

The whole thing gave me a lot of fun with standout tracks like ‘Share The Night with You’ and ‘When The Pope Comes To Town’, but there’s no duffer here – just eight great pieces of music. .


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