Melbourne’s Rebetiki band set to bring Greek soul to Sydney’s Factory Theater


The Rebetiki of Melbourne are one of the greatest exponents of traditional Greek music in Australia. Focusing on early 19th century urban blues, the group performed extensively here and abroad.

Following many successful performances as part of the Sydney Greek Festival programme, Rebetiki will be in Sydney again for a unique performance.

Taking place on Sunday, April 10 at the Factory Theatre, this performance will take us back to its origins and delve into the early recordings of pioneering artists who made this music so iconic.

From the birth of rebetika leading to the appearance of the first recorded composers and practitioners with special emphasis on the “father” of rebetika Markos Vamvakaris, this is an event not to be missed.

“Performances of ‘Rebetiki’ are always a highlight of the Greek Festival programme. It’s a band unlike any we have in Sydney and we always jump at the chance to get them playing,” said festival chair Nia Karteris.

Melbourne Rebetiki will bring the heart and soul of Greek blues to life. With a variety of instruments including the traditional six-string bouzouki, baglama, oud, lute, guitar and percussion, Rebetiki presents an acoustic passage through a musical style that is just as dynamic today as it is today. was during its initial development.

Band members include Argyris Argyropoulos, (Baglama, Oud), Tony Iliou, (Guitar, Lute) and Achille Yiangoulli (Bouzouki, Toubeleki).

You can book tickets for the event here.


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