Motörhead Graphic Novel Rise Of The Loudest Band Ready For Release


Motorhead have officially licensed a graphic novel that celebrates their larger-than-life legacy. Motörhead: The Rise Of The Loudest Band In The World: The Authorized Graphic Novel by David Calcano and Mark Irwin will be published by Simon & Schuster in hardcover on September 7.

The 144 pages The rise of the loudest band in the world will trace the rise and rise of Lemmy’s rock ‘n’ roll outlaw gang, from the expulsion of their leader from the space lords Hawkwind, to the recordings of the immortals Exaggerated, bomber and Ace of Spades albums, and Lemmy’s emergence as a national treasure, adored by Metallica, Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, Sepultura and indeed anyone with a rock ‘n’ roll heart.

Advance PR states: “From Lemmy’s early days at a riding school in the English countryside to recording the band’s iconic album and first major international hit, Ace of Spadesthis graphic novel from Motörhead tells the extraordinary story of the famous leader’s incredible journey as the leader of the “loudest band in the world”.

“With this essential piece of Motörhead history and lore, fans will learn more about the band that heavily influenced well-known bands like Metallica and Foo Fighters, and discover the fascinating history of the legend himself, Lemmy Kilmister!”

Meanwhile, Motorhead legendary live album No sleep till Hammersmith that it be reissued in an expanded form to mark the 40th anniversary of its original release in July 1981.

No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set) will be available in record stores from June 25, and available in three editions: a triple vinyl set, plus double and quadruple CD sets.

The new expanded four-CD version of No sleep… includes a remastered edition of the original album with newly discovered and previously unreleased bonus tracks and soundcheck recordings, plus all sets from all three shows in Leeds and Newcastle.


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