Online events to bring a band’s music to life: Jahan


Khademul Jahan, second from left, with members of Black poses for a photo.

Guitarist and one of the founding members of popular alternative rock band Black, Khademul Jahan, said online music broadcasts had kept the band’s music alive amid the Covid crisis.

“Different groups performed in online music events to entertain music lovers, which became the only alternative to outdoor concerts after the discovery of the first case of Covid in the country in March 2020. We are going through a difficult and s “If it weren’t for music online music shows, bands wouldn’t have stayed in touch with and entertained their audiences during this time of crisis. So online music shows are keeping the music of the group alive in the midst of the Covid crisis,’ Khademul Jahan told New Age.

“To entertain music lovers quarantined by the coronavirus, Black launched an online project, titled Quarantine Projects, on April 16. As part of this project, we released our old songs using experimental and traditional musical instruments. The members of the group participate in this project from their homes. It was definitely a great experience for us,” added Jahan.

“We covered our popular songs including Apalap and Abinashwar using different musical instruments i.e. kajon, ghatam, sitar, mbira, kazoo and others. The songs, which were uploaded to the group’s Facebook page and the G-Series YouTube channel, received a huge response from music lovers,” he said.

Black has participated in various online events. The group will be participating in Indo-Bangladesh Quarantine Gig hosted by Minutes of Entertainment on June 16. In addition, Jahan will participate in an online program titled Catch Khademul Jahan which will be broadcast live on June 17 on a Facebook page named Podcast with AK Rahul.

Black is looking forward to releasing his sixth album after the Covid situation improves.

“After a four-year hiatus, we are now ready to release our next album. Although we wanted to release the album in July before Eid-ul-Azha, we decided to delay its release due to the Covid crisis” , said Jahan.

‘The next album will contain eight songs. It will be released under the G series banner. We have recorded two songs. We are looking forward to the Covid situation improving so we can record the rest of the songs. We plan to resume recording in August or September. The album will be available at G-series outlets. In addition, the album will be released on online streaming platforms,” Jahan said, adding that the bands today live off revenue from the sale of merchandise. .

“As all outdoor concerts have been canceled, we have lost our main source of income and are living off the income from the sale of merchandise. We launched masks, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, bags, etc. which have been purchased in large numbers by our fans. I thank them for supporting us,” mentioned Jahan.

Black’s current line-up is as follows: Rubayet Chowdhury on vocals and guitar, Khademul Jahan on guitar, Charlz Francis on bass and Farhan Tanveer on drums.

The group released their first album titled ‘Amar Prithibi’ in 2002. Their second album ‘Utsaber Por’ was released in 2004. Black’s third album, named ‘Abar’ was released in 2008. The group released their fourth self-titled album ‘Black’ in 2011. His fifth album ‘Unomanush’ was released in November 2016.

Black invites fans to submit old photos and videos from his concerts.

“We invite our fans to submit old photos and videos from past concerts where Black has performed. We will upload them to our official Facebook page,” Jahan said.

“The Covid crisis will eventually pass. Until then, I urge music lovers to follow health guidelines, maintain social distancing and not go out unless absolutely necessary.”


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