“Rolling Stone” declares the greatest boy band song of all time!


rolling stone makes its choice for the best boy band song of all time!

The outlet rounded up 75 of the biggest boy band songs and declared its pick for No. 1 on Friday, July 24.

“As music has evolved, so have boy bands. Their existence is a pop constant but the parameters have always been fuzzy: sometimes they dance and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they’re complete strangers, sometimes they’ve known each other since birth…in honor of their continued impact and dominance, here are the pop confections of the boy band idols worth shouting about,” the outlet said.

Acts featured in the mix included everyone from the street boys at Jackson 5 at BTS – but which song finally came out on top?

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Find rolling stoneThe 10 greatest boy band songs of all time…

ten.) LFOs, “Summer Girls”
9.) Hansen, “MMMBop”
8.) New Kids On The Block, “You got it (the good stuff)”
seven.) Adventure, “Obsession”
6.) A direction, “What makes you beautiful”
5.) BTS, “Moon”
4.) street boys, “I want it this way”
3.) New edition, “Candy Girl”
2.) ‘N Sync, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye”
1.) The Jackson 5, “I want you to come back”

“Of course, the rising strings on the Jackson 5Motown’s debut single skips like carefree freshmen, and the punchy bass line is one of pop’s closest heartbeat appropriations. But the real hero of ‘I Want You Back’ is michael jackson, then still a pre-teen but blessed with a voice and performing talent that could turn a desperate attempt to rekindle romance (originally seen as a Gladys Knight Where Diana Ross vehicle) into something visceral and joyful. jacksonThe octave-hopping tour de force established him as a star almost as soon as the song’s top 45 was pressed.


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