San Diego and Padres native pitcher plays song by local band


SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) – Joe Musgrove, a new addition to the Padres roster this season, made team history with his first no-hitter for the franchise. The icing on the cake: he is a native of San Diego.

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His loyalty to his city runs deep, and what fans might not know is that his walk-up song has local roots as well.

He enters the field of every home game to the song “Vampire” by San Diego-based reggae group Tribal Seeds.

Tribal Seeds was founded by two brothers, Tony Ray and Steve Jacobo, while they were still students at Bonita Vista High School.

The brothers say reggae music has been something they love since they were kids. Now, over ten years later, they are still making music.

Steve is the lead vocalist for the band and says the message behind the song “Vampire” is unity.

“Politics make people fight against each other, we shouldn’t be doing that. We should come together, help each other and work together. Getting that message across to the stadium is pretty cool, ”said Steve.

They said they found out Musgrove was using their song about five years ago when the baseball player commented on one of their Instagram posts saying he used the song when entering the World Series field.

“From what he told me, he played this song even in the minors, before he got to the majors,” Tony Ray said.

Musgrove has used the song across the many towns he’s stopped in, so the fact that he’s going to the Padres and bringing this song to his home field is a complete moment. A local athlete, playing for his local team, entering the field to the music of a local band.

“Now that it’s in Petco Park, in our hometown of San Diego, with a hometown boy and doing as well as he is right now… it’s crazy, unbelievable, it’s unreal. That moment he had with the non-hitter, you couldn’t have written a better story, ”said Tony Ray.

Tribal Seeds had to halt tours due to the pandemic, but will perform four shows in the San Diego area in late May. For more information and to listen to more of their music, click here.


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