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Independent (label)

January 17, 2022 (published)

19 minutes

Former gospel singer, now soul and blues singer with blue eyes, Sandy Haley is really very good.
Good enough that she will be competing in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis this week (also featuring our very own Dom Martin this year) and has a history that goes through Coco Montoya, Tommy Castro, Sammy Hagar, Joe Walsh and dozens more .

A beautiful 5-track album, jam-packed with very tight playing and the expressive and moving voice of Ms. Haley.

Each track is unique, from the swing/Blues shufflebeat of “Dirty Dog” to the sassy, ​​easy soul of the title track – somewhat reminiscent of “Sunshine In The City” – with its Clarence Clemons-style tenor saxophone and Hammond whisper.
“Love Me Right Or Cut Me Loose” is a beautiful ballad, based on Haley’s own experiences of a difficult love affair, her voice is strong and the track features a trombone solo that cuts very deep. Terrific track.
The rocker ‘Never Sleep Your Way To the Middle’ talks about the problems of sleeping with your boss and finally ‘Run For Shelter’ is relaxed and sleazy Blues with good sax.

She’s a superb singer, with a clearly present gospel background but these days very well into the Blues current.

A crisp little set.


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