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The Beatles didn’t have many rivals throughout their years in the music industry, but the acts that were a force to be reckoned with. But the Fab Four were also fans of the music produced by the artists they were “against”. John Lennon in particular was a strong believer in the music he loved.

In 1965, Lennon listened to a Beach Boys track while being interviewed, and he loved it.

Lennon had the chance to listen to the Beach Boys track, The Little Girl I Once Knew, while chatting about music. And the iconic singer of Imagine has taken action. He exclaimed, “This is the best! Turn it up, turn it up! This must be a hit. This is the best record I’ve heard in weeks. It’s fantastic. I hope it will be a success.”

The star went on to explain exactly why the song was so powerful.

“It’s all Brian Wilson, he says. “He just uses the vocals as instruments.

Wilson, a vocalist and songwriter for the Beach Boys, was renowned for writing and composing catchy hooks for the band’s music.

Lennon continued, “You keep waiting for the fabulous breaks. Great arrangement! He never tours or anything. He just sits at home thinking fantastic arrangements out of his head.”

It seems that this is not the only time the Beatles have found inspiration in the music of the Beach Boys. Paul McCartney also spoke candidly about the group’s techniques boosting the Fab Four.

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Wilson said, “It’s my favorite intro to a song in my entire life. It kills me every time. It was maybe the first time the music stopped and started on a record.” He added, “I wrote the intro at the studio before I cut the stuff. And, [session musician] Larry Knechtel, it was his idea to spin the music.”

However, years later, in 1995, he went back on his word and said the song “sucks”.

Wilson confessed, “It was a nice song, except the intro is the only good part, and the rest didn’t sound so good.” He added, “I thought the song itself sucked. I didn’t like the harmonies, I thought they were sour and out of tune.”

Despite this, the track peaked at number 10 on the Official Canadian Singles Chart.



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