The Bromsgrove band are about to release their first single


A BAND from Bromsgrove are set to release their first single after being scouted for a Worcestershire festival.

Four talented teenagers, who make up the band Spilled Second, are set to take the music world by storm after being chosen to feature in this year’s lineup for Woo Fest.

They are now ready to release their first single titled “Ciao Bella” on Friday, February 11.

The band includes Hannah Bowden (lead singer), Levi Husbands (lead guitarist), Darcy Dines (bassist) and Jack Barnett (drummer).

At the tender ages of 14 and 15, they have already tallied up a handful of live performances such as appearances at the Blackwell Festival and the Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre.

Jack’s father and co-manager Jamie Barnett said “everything is snowballing for them right now”.

“The kids are just picking up their pace and they’re not really nervous about the performances,” Jamie said.

“Levi wrote the lyrics and melody while the band created the music to go with it.

“The song is about being in a relationship, but you don’t know where you are – your partner isn’t answering your calls and you’re just wondering.”

Hannah and Jack, pupils from Kings Worcester, Levi, pupil from South Bromsgrove High and Darcy pupil from Bromsgrove School all met at Midlands Academy Music, based in Barnt Green.

Jamie added: “Ryan Cush, who runs the academy, gets kids into a band from an early age.

“From around the age of eight, the four of them [Spilt Second] played in different bands until last year.

“The best from each academy group was chosen to form Spilled Second!”

To celebrate the release of their debut single, Spilled Second will hold a launch event on February 11 at Marrs Bar in Worcester.

Tickets can be purchased at


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