The East Devon band are set to play their first stadium tour in March


11:57 am February 18, 2022

A local band from Exmouth announce their first stadium gig at Blackburn Rovers in March.

The Barefoot Bandits will perform at Elwood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers, alongside familiar faces UB40, Aswad and Soul II on Sunday May 29. The band also launched a crowdfunding page to raise funds for their debut album.

The Barefoot Bandits will also play in East Devon in the coming months. On Saturday February 27, they will be at the Balfour Inn in Sidmouth. On Friday May 13 they will be at Exeter Phoenix and at the Exmouth Festival on Thursday June 2.

In 2020 the band started working on their debut album. They saved a full year of live show expenses so they could travel to Karma Sound studios in Thailand and drop parts for the record. It was then their full intention to have the tracks mixed, mastered and released by the final stages of 2020. However, a minor issue called “Covid” brought the entire planet to a halt, including the completion of the album!

A Barefoot Bandits spokesperson said: “Not only did this stop the recording process, but it also killed an incredible range of live shows and festivals. Performing at these events would have been the live show the highest profile for the band to date. This includes main stage appearances at some of the UK’s most renowned music festivals as well as major support tours. All canceled due to “you know what” The way they planned to finance mixing and mastering was through these live performances.

“Ultimately, the pandemic set The Bandit back two years since the album’s original release. That’s when we turned to ‘The Bandit Fans’ to help us recover. on the right track, asking people to donate what they can or pre-order the album or order a rewards bundle to help raise the funds needed when the record is finished They promise you won’t be disappointed “

Link to crowdfunding page here—debut-album. And more information about Barefoot Bandits can be found on their website.


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