The music of an American grindcore group used as an instrument of torture in the episode of “MacGyver”


American grindcore band Pig Destroyer recently appeared on television, their music being used as an instrument of torture in an episode of MacGyver.

It’s no secret how TV executives view the music of metal bands. In fact, it’s long been a trope for many writers that if they want to convey that someone is a difficult customer, just show them that they listen to heavy metal!

Over the years, heavy metal has usually found its way onto TV shows as a punchline of sorts – a crying shame considering that many musicians in the genre are just as musically talented as the rest.

However, American grindcore band Pig Destroyer recently got their five minutes of fame, with their song “The Bug” appearing on MacGyver.

Like Revolver Remarks, Pig Destroyer recently took to Facebook to share a clip of the scene, which shows two figures in what is apparently a prison cell. Before long, a voice rumbles over the PA system and the band’s music fills the cell.

Serving as a torture device of sorts, this brief snippet of the band’s music is clearly a horrifying experience, with both characters forced to put their hands over their ears to escape the confronting sounds.

Check out the images below.

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Check out Pig Destroyer at MacGyver:

As comical as the scene appears to be, it may actually have taken influence from real-life examples of musical torture that the CIA used in its “enhanced interrogation program.”

Like Microphone noted in 2014songs by Marilyn Manson, Deicide, Eminem, Queen, David Gray, and even the credits of Barney and his friends had been used to torture prisoners over the years.

“If you play it for 24 hours, your brain and body functions start to slip, your train of thought slows down, and your willpower is shattered,” explained Sgt. Mark Hadsel. “That’s when we come in and talk to them.”

Check out “The Bug” from Pig Destroyer:


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