The Tennessee State University Marching Band will perform at the annual Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade


The Tennesse State University (TSU) Marching Band, the gang aristocratEast prepare perform at the annual meeting Rose Bowl Parade. On New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California, the march will precede the Rose bowl gamewhere Utah State University and Ohio State University will face off.

A total of twenty-two groups will work in 2022 Rose Bowl Parade, although only four are affiliated with a college. Especially, UTS The aristocrat of the bands is the only one HBCUs marching band at the highly anticipated event.

“HBCU groups – they put the B in HBCU”, Logan Rylander, a State of Tennessee junior and saxophonist, said.

In addition to sharing HBCUs pride of the group, Rylander also shared how she sees the Rose Parade as an opportunity to help people consider State of Tennessee and HBCUs for their college education.

“The world needs to see this,” she said. “California needs to see this.”

Rylander also shared that she decided to apply to TSU after seeing the group perform on TV, making the opportunity more personal for her.

“Man, I was once that girl who knew nothing about the state of Tennessee, knew nothing about band aristocrat,” she said. “But I saw them one day, and it made me want to strive, not just to be in the band, but to do something more with my life.”

Fellow band member Jazmyn Wall also shared similar sentiments.

“We want to put the state of Tennessee on the map,” Wall said.

This news comes about two years after Alabama State University (ASU) made history as the very first HBCU to lead the event. In addition to the ASU, the Florida A&M University The marching band (FAMU) also participated in the Rose Parade 2019.


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