Unterlgau musicians perform in the United States


After a three-year hiatus, the Bavarian band from Texas is back in the United States. Seven performances are scheduled. What and where do they play there?

Three years later, the Bavarian group from Texas returns to Texas. The 29-person band, made up of 21 musicians, will leave on September 14 with a direct flight from Frankfurt to Dallas. During the 21-day stay, seven exhibitions are scheduled over time to visit the attractions.

This is already the 14th tour of the group, whose musicians come mainly from the district of Unterlgau. Some have been there multiple times. Until now, these trips have been organized by Edmund Mikush. Since he left the party, the task has been taken over by Martin Wegele from Untereg and Bruno Heyer. WesterheimWhile Wegele was responsible for setting up the band and the program, Heyer booked an overnight stay.

Brass Band Music in the United States: From Bohemian-Bavarian Music to Modern Pieces

The musical direction is in the hands of Josef Felix from Bad Byersoin, who did three rehearsals with the band in Lopenhausen. The repertoire of the Texan group includes bohemian and Bavarian music, but also modern music. Vale is proud of the quality of his group: “They are very good budding musicians, each playing at least two instruments.” The singing is also characteristic of the group. There are also three 5er Blech composers. (Read also: The group “OHO – The Brass Band”: entertainment music on three CDs and with high standards)

From Dallas, this year’s tour will head first to Round Top, a town of just under 100 people founded by Germans, with whom the band has had friendly relations for many years. The musicians stay there privately for five days and perform twice at the local gun club. They play with the Texan yodelling group “Anzien Buam” at a Bavarian beer night and the next day at the announcement of the new Shooter King. The hosts also organize excursions, including a visit to the ranch with a barbecue. After that, the group would fly to Las Vegas for three days.

Concern over corona infections: ‘It will make my heart ache when everyone is on the plane’

The next performances will be at the German Squadron’s Oktoberfest at Sheppard Air Force Base near Wichita Falls in North Texas and at the opening of the Brewery’s Oktoberfest. About 500 visitors are expected at the concert in Staffel. A tour of the base is also planned. After that, the band performed at a large beer garden in New Braunfels. Two performance dates in Waalberg form the conclusion: an evening beer in a German restaurant and a church service the next day followed by a pint in the morning.[ये भी पढ़ें: Friesenried में फिर से इंग्लैंड से आए मेहमान]

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Wegele’s biggest concern is that the musician won’t be able to travel due to the corona infection. “When everyone is on the plane, I’m relieved,” he says.


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