Waluguru Original Band will perform in Dodoma next month


The show, which will be participating for the fourth time this year, will feature dance music groups including CP Academia, Bogos from Dar es Salaam, Sky Melody from Dodoma and Mjengoni Classic from Arusha.

The manager of the original Waluguru group, Deogratius David, aka “Killer Man”, revealed that he was happy to receive the invitation, saying it would help him promote his group in other regions.

“This will be the third time our group has taken part in the show which aims to promote dance music in the country, as we did for the first time in May this year in Morogoro,” David noted.

He said the second show took place recently in Arusha, where the group was one of the performers.

The artist noted that Waluguru Original Band took the opportunity to present a new album, titled “Kikao cha Wahenga”.

The director mentioned some of the songs from the album like ‘Morogoro Yetu, ‘Mwanzo wa Mapenzi’, ‘Cha Kupewa’, ‘Ngalile Mwanangu Ndole’ sung in Luguru language, ‘Supu’ and ‘Nataka Nilewe’.

“Now there is another show in Dodoma where Waluguru Original Band has received an invitation, we will be joining the premier troupe, CP Academia, and new Bogos, Sky Melody and Mjengoni Classic,” he said.

David said having the opportunity to perform on the same platform with a popular band like African Stars aka ‘Twanga Pepeta’ is an opportunity for Waluguru Original Band artists to showcase their potential, and that they use it well every time they get it. .


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