Wanbase Afrique will market and distribute the music of Afrigo Band


Uganda’s oldest music group, Afrigo, has signed a new contract with Wanbase Afrique, a record company based in Uganda.

At the unveiling of Wanbase Africa and the launch of Afrigo Group’s “Teri Mubi” album, Isaac Rucci, CEO of Wanbase Africa’s board and head of Limit X, said, “Our partnership gives Afrigo Group the tools so that his music will be appreciated even by the younger generation”.

“Afrigo has been producing good music for 46 years, but music that is not liked by young people, that’s why we want it on young people’s nerves as well,” Rucci added.

For his part, the leader of Afrigo Band, Moses Matoovu, declared: “This partnership is ideal. We’ve done a lot of audios but it’s high time we made high resolution videos as well. Good marketing and good distribution are the main reason for this partnership.

Afrigo Group boss Moses Matovu speaking at the unveiling and official launch of their album ‘Teri Mubi’ on Friday, October 1, 2021 at Wombo restaurant in Kampala.

Wanbase Afrique will market, sell and distribute Afrigo music to radio stations, televisions as well as managing the group’s social media platforms.

Asked about her business relationship with Daddy Andre, singer Jojo Wan, who is also an operations manager at Wanbase Africa, revealed that Daddy Andre collaborated with her on a project and has produced several of her songs since.

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