Watch: Portland Band Clip Dispels ‘Portlandia’ and ‘Fred and Carrie’ (Video)



Portland band White Glove takes aim at Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein for ‘Portlandia’ and how he lured rich idiots to the Pink City in ‘Fred and Carrie’ music video.

Portlanders have mixed emotions about “Portlandia”. Some locals think Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are just having a laugh with the quirks of Stumptown. Others think “Portlandia” is a cowardly attack on our beautiful city. Another contingent blames “Portlandia” and its focus on the Pink City for Portland’s population boom and affordable housing crisis.

In addition to the above, there are the people who don’t watch “Portlandia”, don’t have cable, don’t have TV and despise anyone who watches “Portlandia”, has cable and has a TV.

The no-dig “Portlandia” prospect now has a music video, thanks to Portland band White Glove. In a music video for their song, “Fred and Carrie”, tThe group blames Armisen, Brownstein and “Portlandia” for attracting well-to-do idiots from elsewhere to Portland.

In the video, actors dressed to look like Armisen and Brownstein walk through Portland neighborhoods, taking notes on the weirdness.

The lyrics of the song read, “We don’t think you’re funny/Actually we don’t want you/We’re tired of people laughing at your stupid jokes/We wish you never exploited this town. “

The song goes on to say, “All the things you loved here are pretty much gone”, as rents have gone up and funky Portland has been replaced by sleek new apartment buildings, becoming “just another yuppie town”.

In the visuals, we see examples of unassuming Portland (hey there, Sign of the three States, of Portland’s Southeast neighborhood where I grew up), then watch the broom-wielding mobs gather and chase “Fred and Carrie” down the street.

On the group’s home page, They are described as follows: “White Glove is a three-piece band from Portland, Oregon who enjoy playing local dive bars and house shows. Their music is upbeat and fun while singing about topics such as like Skateparks in Heaven, Trust Fund Kids, Lesbians, Getting Drunk in the Summer, and how Portland is being taken over by Posers.”

White Glove also drew attention to the group’s previous video, “Division Street”, who laments the way the blue-collar street has seen rising rents and the opening of fancy restaurants.

To each his own, I say. I think the ‘Portlandia’ season 6 opener that airs tonight is funny. And I remember when the Oregon Theater on Division Street didn’t show porn. But this is another story.

-Kristi Turnquist


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