Which band song helped John Cena finish writing his book?


16-time WWE World Champion and movie star John Cena has revealed a startling fact about his self-help books. Cena claimed that a very popular music group and their fans helped him finish the books after he had some downtime in his life.

Cena recently wrote two books called “Do Your Best Every Day To Do Your Best Every Day” and “Be A Work In Progress: And Other Things I’d Like To Tell My Younger Self.” These motivational books are a retrospective study of Cena’s path to success and how others can emulate him.

John Cena spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about when he started writing the books. He felt vulnerable and posted a tweet regarding his struggles. Coincidentally, the famous Korean boy group BTS released an album around the same time.

Cena’s tweet was about loving yourself and the concept of self-love, simultaneously BTS also released an album called “Love yourself”. The tweet was very well received by the group BTS and their “army” because the messages of the songs of the groups and Cena were the same.

Cena thanked the support of BTS fans as they showed love for his tweet and supported him till the end. This outpouring of love from fans helped Cena write the motivational books and let his downtime take on a more positive outlook on life.

Here’s the clip of Cena talking about how BTS inspired his motivational books:


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