Willie Taylor claims ‘doing the band’ set artists ‘in check’ amid Diddy controversy


Diddy achieved success during his series of singing competitions in the early 2000s, and one of the show’s singers showed up.

This week, music fans revisited controversial moments in pop culture history. Yesterday (February 28), social media users retconned Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye West’s classic 2013 interview, making the radio host a trending topic as they slammed his remarks. Then the audience turned things around today and focused on Diddy and his famous series, Make the group.

From 2002 to 2005, Diddy’s version of Make the group took over MTV as the Bad Boy mogul sought new talent to become hitmakers. The world has watched as singers, whether solo performers or those looking to join a band, audition and undergo rigorous training.

While many of Diddy and his team’s methods lived up to industry expectations, some requests were so far-fetched it was clear they were made for reality TV. Diddy faced an onslaught of ridicule online for his treatment of these aspiring singers, and later Willie Taylor of Make the group‘s Day 26, gave his thoughts on his time on the show.

“Doing the band was an experience for sure,” he wrote in a text image. “But the platform and the contracts were all set up for the failure of starving talent.”

Stephen Lovekin/Staff/Getty Images

In the caption, he gave a little advice to hopefuls. “Learning Experience you have to understand that people will do anything you let them so don’t let your passion lead you to the wrong destination #MTB4 Day26 / Danity Kane are talented bands but the situation we met in was designed to fail.”

Make the group was supposed to have a revival, but the pandemic seems to have put the brakes on those plans. Where the new show stands is unclear.


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